Frequently Asked Questions

We have built up our own manufacturing network in India and we are in a position to source and fulfil customer requirements.

All our products are carried out under the direct supervision of our export maintaining quality measures at all times, We ensure the no harm is done to the Nature.

Husk ChipsCocopeat
Its is organic mulch made of coconut shellIts is also Organic growing made of coconut husk
Washed and sometimes unwashed, dried compressedIts is pre washed, dried, sieved
Its helps the fertilizers in giving full efficiency agricultureIts is used for growing plants crops
  • High Water Holding Capacity
  • Good Drainage / Aeration
  • Less Shrinkage
  • Increases Shelf Life Of Plants
  • It is a non-renewable resource
  • Coco Peat Is Very Hydrophilic.
  • Gardening & Landscaping
  • Disease Attack On The Coco Peat Is Also Very Less.
  • It Is Helpful In Making Potting Mixtures, Green Houses.
  • Its Applications In The Horticulture And Floriculture. And Its The Best Aid In Seedling Nurseries.
Un WashedWashed
  • Its is natural raw material form of product.
  • Its absorbs the water less Its high EC level.
  • It contains stones, fibres ,dust etc
  • Its is treated with good manner to reduce KA ,P, NACL’
  • Its is Low EC similarly, to produce high level of nitrogen.
  • The water it absorbs very high compared to Non-washed
  • As compared to un washed there is no stones, fibres, dust