About Us

We envision a cleaner and Greener World

Agro Green coirs is a family company founded in the 2007(15 years). Strategically located in the Pollachi, TN-India.

Our production site has its own terminal, offering ever ending possibilities! We personally Export the bulk of cocopeat “5 KG BLOCKS” In loose stuff & Palletized. Agro green coirs as well known reputed one among coir pith suppliers.

Agro green retained its business character during the strong growth in recent years. The quality of our products and on time delivery makes us a good supplier in overall companies which we supply. For over 12 years Buyers have valued our top quality products, excellent terms and delivery.

A good name in our company only earned by the dedication, times in delivery, and immediate response to queries /problems during the shipments for the buyers which we supply. We immediately take a step from our side to give the support from our side.

Our Vision

  • To Be a Dominant Coir Product Exporter.
  • To Become the Manufacturer and Exporter of all Coir Products.
  • To do best service and offer the best line of good quality Products.
  • To provide best Quality at beat Price.

Our Mission

  • To Create a Indian Brand.
  • To Honour all Promises and Commitment’s.
  • To provide a high level of Customer satisfaction throughout the World.
  • To be a valued Business Partner with all my Clients.

Our Production

  • Cocopeat is a 100% natural growing medium..
  • The production process starts with the procurement of freshwater grown coconut husks.
  • The Clearing process of coco-husk takes over certain weeks, after coconut fibers are separated. And as we described in various names us cocopeat,cocopith,coir pith block The separated cocos pith is a clean weed free cement floor for over certain months.
  • During this time, the monsoon rain washes off excess salts from the coco pith and make the coco pith pH neutral.
  • The cocopith is also washed with fresh water to bring the pH and Electric Conductivity to desired level
    Then pith is pH value, Electric Conductivity and salt content is observed.
  • Once its reach preferred level of EC and pH, it is brought for sieving. During the sieving process, the fiber pieces and other impurities are removed.
  • Once we have the pith to the required sieving size, the material is further sent for drying to reduce moisture content.
  • Then the coco pith is dried under on cement floor which is in our factory which we called us drying yard.
  • To Reduce Moisture of the coco pith is sent for screening the sand is removed by using our automated screeners.
  • Since it’s the final screening process, the coco peat is thoroughly tested for any impurities.
  • The screened and dried coco peat will be compressed to 5 KG coir blocks,The compressed coco peat blocks & are examined and then weighted .Before going for packing and as well as labeling


Our production facility is spread over an area of 80,000Sq Meter. We have a good and planned infrastructure with concrete floor yard. And well equipped Laboratory, modern machineries and advanced setup. We also have well organized raw material storage area. Our production capacity is approximately 900 M.Tons/Month. With great infrastructure leads to Great Quality.


Our factory is located about 20km away from Pollachi down town, Tamilnadu. The region where the manufacturing plant located is blessed with plenty of water supply and natural resources. The climate & Soil in this region is particularly suited for the growth of coconut trees. This part of Indian region is densely populated by coconut plantations. Coir & Coir related industry flourish here.


Chennai, Tuticorin and Cochin Ports are located from accusable distance from my Factory for Loading. We have an efficient team which is engaged to closely follow up the shipments for timely delivery of goods from our Factory to the destination part. This team fully focus on , On-Time delivery to our customers. All the necessary documents will be flourished by the team according to the requirement.

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